06 / 29 / 2023

NEWBORN Released the First Portion of Public Deliverables

The first 6 months of the Newborn project is behind us. See the first public results of our amazing project.

Propulsion Motor and Inverter trade study summary

The objective of this document is to report on the trade-off studies of the electric propulsion powerline (including DC/AC power converter, electric motor, thermal design, controller, and gearbox options) within the NEWBORN project. Since the project is at its very beginning and many factors which have impacts on the NEWBORN electric propulsion powertrain design are still under discussion at the system level, this report is mainly to provide some initial identified solutions for the propulsion powerline components.

This scope of this document is to capture the trade-off studies of power electronic converters, thermal design consideration, gear options, and some limitations of electrical machines.

Project Management Plan

The objective of this document is to describe NEWBORN project governance principals, processes, and structures. The document is official deliverable of NEWBORN project to Clean Aviation JU and together with NEWBORN Grant Agreement and NEWBORN Consortium agreement constitutes the basis for efficient project execution.

This document defines policies, processes, governing structures and measures the project will implement to achieve the project objectives in efficient manner. It respects and complements the project Grant Agreement and NEWBORN consortium agreement and defines, how requirements defined in these documents will be implemented, managed, controlled and reported in the project context. This document also refers to further documents to further define and describe specific aspects of the NEWBORN project execution.

Dissemination & Communication Plan

This document defines the communication and dissemination activities and governing processes for the Newborn project. It serves as a guideline for a communication and dissemination activities. The Communication and the Dissemination play a key role in knowledge circulation, consolidation of the European Research Area and demonstrating the impact of the EU funding in R&I.

These activities are undertaken from the beginning of the project and aim, in a first instance, at informing and raising interest in the proposed technologies, of potential parties across relevant stakeholders. In a second instance, exploitation-oriented dissemination activities aim at promoting the novel technologies concerning aircraft electrification that are developed throughout the project, along with the benefits they can provide, towards potential target end-users/adopters, to speed up the adoption and take-up.

Data Management Plan

This document describes the Data Management Processes, Conventions and Tools that shall be used throughout the consortium of the NEWBORN Project. The data generated, handled and preserved, as part of the NEWBORN project, will be in digital form. Data formats will include numerical datasets, models, computer codes, text data, and might originate from measurements, software simulations, modelling outputs and calculations as well as from other existing data such as databases, scientific publications, books and peer-reviewed articles. The NEWBORN

Project will involve the production and collection of several types of data, including numerical and experimental data from different sources such as software simulations, measurements, calculations and literature review, as well as numerical data provided by consortium partners (technology experts) derived from sources such as own calculations, modelling outputs, or secondary data from existing databases, scientific publications, books and peer-reviewed articles.

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