Project scope

Key concept

Key innovation areas

  • Internally modular aerospace PEM fuel cell stack with high power density of >5kW/kg, operating temperature >105 °C, and high output power (designed for up to 1 MW, demonstrated in an intermediate configuration of 720 kW)
  • Self-regulated structural and conformal load-bearing cryogenic tank with high gravimetric index and minimal boil-off in 24 hours.
  • Dual architecture air supply system
  • Tightly integrated thermal management system
  • Lightweight & low pressure drop heat exchangers 
  • Multi-fidelity digital twin
  • Redundant modular bus-tie DC/DC converters with extreme power density of >20 kW/kg and >98% efficiency, scalable up to 10 MW
  • High availability control system architecture
  • Scalable high voltage propulsion subsystem with high power density
  • Battery pack technology concept with innovative thermal management