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Develop hydrogen fuel cell based Aircraft propulsion system with overall efficiency of 50 % by 2026 being aligned with assumptions for the HERA aircraft architecture. The system shall be directly applicable for the largest CS-23 class of 19-seater commuters to collect the vital operational experience with envisioned evolution to higher class Aircraft.

Key concept

NEWBORN develops and demonstrate the TRL 4 ground demonstrator of the overall propulsion system using fuel cells technology for electricity generation. The focus given on the optimization of the aircraft efficiency, as opposed to treating purely the stack power density. The project further brings the technology of aerospace stacks from Clean Hydrogen, improving on their power density, durability, and modularity.


13 partners with solid experience in Aircraft architecture and integration, fuel cell systems and high power electronics, will work on 28 key enabling technologies. The consortium structure covers the key technology elements of the project, exploitation of its market potential, and benefits from participation of leading european research institutions.

Project goals

To demonstrate the scalable fuel cell power source technology as 1MW modules, which can be paralleled to exceed the 3 MW power levels.

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Eucass addresses all enabling sciences of aerospace. These disciplines have been assembled into five groups, each placed under the supervision of a committee of Chairpersons. System Integration, Flight Physics, Flight Dynamics/GNC and Avionics, Structures and Materials, Propulsion Physics.

The Workshop on Power Electronics for Aerospace Applications (PEASA) hosted by IEEE Power Electronic Society Technical Committee 11 on Aerospace Power will be held at University of Nottingham, UK on the 18th- 19th July 2023, and will provide a platform to bring pioneering researchers and engineers globally together to share their experience, thought and reflections as well as recent research achievements in aircraft electrification.

The aerospace, aviation and defence industries are invited to Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre for the world’s best airshow to pioneer change, build new connections, engage with thought leaders and get access to unparalleled business development opportunities.