The University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham (UoN) has been pioneering the journey towards greener, decarbonised aircraft over the past 20 years and proactively contributed into the key EU initiatives in the field, including MOET, CleanSky, Actuation-2015, CleanSky-2 and others. Within CleanSky 2, UoN has led 4 co-partnership projects and 28 projects with a total budget exceeding €52M. The team led the development of key technologies on electrical architectures for several key demonstrators, including the Leonardo Civil Tiltrotor and Airbus Helicopters RACER. The team also led the Power Electronics and Electrical Drives work package in Clean Sky 2 Systems ITD (integrated technology demonstrator) and has developed these insights into the four projects on the Clean Sky 2 Regional IADPs (innovative aircraft demonstrator platforms) Iron Bird Demonstrator.

University of Nottingham Italy

Welcome to University of Nottingham Italy (UNIT) – a venture based in Campania region, Italy designed to work since 2020 in synergy with Italian and EU partners on new research and technology development projects, offering world-leading expertise and experience developed by University of Nottingham’s lead academics and researchers.

Our key research direction deals with the future decarbonised aircraft, but not limited to this.

Our Vision and Mission

We aim to bring to Italian aerospace ecosystem a strong expertise related to aircraft electrification and to develop relationships with key Italian stakeholders involved in aerospace R&D programs. We would like to create strong partnerships with private and public institutions and academia to trainee young innovators delivering aerospace related solutions. We will establish interconnections between Italy and UK to exchange knowledge and expertise related to aircraft sector.

We would like to support creation of the innovation eco-system which spans from research and technology development and creation of new knowledge, to setting up new companies offering new products and services hence leading to economic growth and development.

Our ambition

From establishing our presence in local landscape during 2021-22, our ambitions include start of our first lighthouse projects with Italian partners and become an integral part of Clean Aviation partnership (2022-23) and making Campania Region the Hub for Zero-Carbon Aviation Research in Italy by 2025.

The University of Nottingham Italy is a not-for-profit company that has been developing research and knowledge exchange activities and established facilities in the Citta Della Scienza, Naples, within the Business Innovation Centre. UNIT is run by staff who have vast experience of managing and coordinating large projects funded under various framework programmes, and the ability to work closely within the innovation ecosystem within Naples and Campania district, the wider Italy and within EU.

University of Nottingham (UNOTT) is the main stakeholder of UNIT, that particularly leverages the competences developed through the years by the UNOTT Institute of Aerospace Technology (IAT), worldwide recognised as a major centre for aerospace research where specialists from global aerospace companies and aviation leaders have joined forces with UNOTT researchers and academics.

University of Nottingham Italy S.C.A.R.L. has an operating office in Naples at D.A.C. “Campania Aerospace District” – Città della Scienza  – at Via Coroglio, 57/104, 80124 Napoli and a legal address at Via Irno 2/4, Salerno – VAT number is 05960460656.

Visit our web site or contact us via to receive more information on any aspects of UNIT activities.